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Holiday Activity Starter

Contrary to popular belief, happiness during the holiday season ranks at a meager average for most. With expectations high for joy and cheer, we tend to be more impacted by daily annoyances and are disappointed when events don’t go as we imagine. However, research reveals occasional, dramatic jumps in happiness during the holidays that point to a fundamental source: togetherness. Small acts of family traditions, gathering with loved ones, and giving to others multiply happiness many-fold.

But for those who have lost loved ones, are physically separated from family and friends, or feel emotionally disconnected from others, happiness can just as easily plummet this time of year. Particularly under unique circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting losses people have endured this year, we may all feel more distant, disconnected, and lonelier this season.

Here’s the good news.

Nurturing feelings of authentic connection with yourself and others is possible through a few simple art materials and a little creative inspiration. Creative arts activities allow a range of opportunities to be mindful of daily pleasures, to discover something within ourselves, and to connect authentically with others. Meanwhile, the art’s uniquely flexible qualities make these benefits available to anyone, regardless of age or ability.

See for yourself.

This holiday season, our team offers you the gift of creative inspiration. Download our free Holiday Creativity Starter as a catalyst to experience more moments of connection. Complete the activities alone or with others, virtually or safely distanced. Share what you’ve made. Give them as gifts. Or simply enjoy the process and a few creative moments with yourself.

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