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Connect with the 50% in your population affected by this public health crisis.

Loneliness is as lethal as smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

It’s one of today’s fastest growing public health crises, affecting up to 50% of individuals, which makes you an important stakeholder in finding solutions. Its prevalence can be seen in every population you serve—often in tandem with depression, opioid abuse, and abandonment of self-care for chronic illness. This, in turn, drives up emergency room visits and hospitalizations. And loneliness isn’t  unfamiliar to your employer customers, impacting productivity in the workplace.

The UnLonely Project drives awareness of the growing prevalence and toxicity of loneliness, helps reduce stigma, and fosters connecting with others through creative expression, mindfulness, and social learning.

Watch. Do. Share.

Our signature effort is the UnLonely Film Festival. This engaging online experience shares diverse and inspiring stories of those who have found ways to move through the challenges of loneliness and isolation.

Over 35 carefully curated films cover a wide range of vulnerable populations, including older adults, younger adults, minorities, military and veterans, caregivers, and those with health challenges.

Each film page in the intuitive online interactive experience includes:

  • Featured 5 to 15 minute short film.
  • A short companion video that provides context and thing to think about after viewing the film.
  • Background information about the filmmaker.
  • Creative expression exercises to try that are related to the films storyline.
  • A community forum where viewers can share and exchange thougts about the film.

A call-to-action for your community.

Now, through our UnLonely Films Front Row partnership program, you can empower your individuals to discover the impact of creative expression by watching the short films. The experience is tailored to your brand and messaging, including integration with your specific mental health and wellness programs and any other community-based programs you want to strategically include.

UnLonely FilmFest Front Row provides you with a thought-leadership offering in response to  this public health crisis. It provides a practical, accessible, engaging program that strategically supports your an individual’s mental wellness.

Want to Learn More?

Let’s walk through how we can work together to bring the engaging UnLonely Films Front Row to your community.  Contact [email protected] to learn more.


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