Watch. Do. Share.

Welcome to our Third Annual UnLonely Film Festival! Over 35 short films that will inspire, enlighten, elevate, and inform you. Our goal is to provide a sense of “connectedness” through creative expression between you, the filmmaker, and others viewing the films. This is a core principle of our work at The UnLonely Project.

This is an Interactive FilmFest! When you visit each film’s page, you’ll also find a 60-90 second “Behind the Camera” video that we hope you’ll check out after seeing the film. In it we share with you why we selected the film and some questions you might consider as you think back on the story. We also encourage you to let us know your thoughts in the comment section of each page. Thanks again for visiting our Film Festival and we hope what you discover you’ll share with a friend.  After all, connecting with others through creativity expression is what our UnLonely community is all about.

This Year’s Short Films by Category