Believe Limited Continues BioMarin Partnership on Breaking Through! Programming  with Documentary Filmmaking Project for Bleeding Disorder Community 

Ten Adults Living with a Bleeding Disorder to be Selected for First-of-Its-Kind Program Aimed at  Empowerment through Artistic Expression 

LOS ANGELES, April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On the heels of World Hemophilia Day, Believe  Limited today announced a continuation of its exclusive partnership with BioMarin  Pharmaceutical Inc. and The Foundation for Art & Healing on Breaking Through! programming  for the bleeding disorder community. Following the success of national and regional workshops  and performances of “Hemophilia: The Musical,” this year the first-of-its-kind program will focus  on a new artistic form – filmmaking. The hybrid virtual and in-person workshops and productions  will take place from June to October 2022 to provide adults aged 18 and older with powerful  education on the healing and therapeutic power of the arts and self-expression. 

Ten adults from across the country will be selected to participate and tell their stories of the  challenges and victories of living with a bleeding disorder in a documentary film. Participants will  first learn about the filmmaking process during virtual workshops on topics such as writing, prop  selection, set decoration, directing, and editing. The WEBBY and SABRE-award winning  Believe Limited production team will then travel to the hometowns of participants to help bring  their stories to life on camera. The culminating documentary film will premiere during a special  fall event and be made available to the community. 

“Since its start in 2018, the Breaking Through! program has helped to educate hundreds of  people in the bleeding disorder community about how artistic expression can help to improve  their health and lives,” said Patrick James Lynch, hemophilia advocate, filmmaker, and Believe  Limited CEO. “This year, our team is proud to bring our collective experience as writers,  producers, directors, and editors to empower members of the community with the production of  a hyper-creative, multi-vision, multi-format documentary about life with a bleeding disorder.  Each filmmaker’s unique style, creative choices, taste and script writing will make a powerful,  dynamic, non-fiction film pop on the screen.” 

The Breaking Through! program is sponsored exclusively by BioMarin. The Foundation for Art &  Healing (FAH), whose mission is to promote and integrate the use of creativity and the arts in  addressing mental and physical health challenges, will join the partnership lending subject  matter expertise and experience in developing, measuring, and scaling innovative arts-based  programs. FAH’s Project UnLonely delivers community programs nationally to address the  “epidemic” of loneliness through various artistic mediums, including film through its powerful  UnLonely Film Festival. 

“For those with a rare, chronic, and often misunderstood disease such as hemophilia, the  everyday frustrations can lead to a sense of isolation and loneliness,” said Jeremy Nobel, 

M.D., Harvard Medical School faculty member, and founder and president of The Foundation for  Art & Healing. “We’re thrilled to be a partner supporting the Breaking Through! program as  we’ve long championed the story-telling power of film and filmmaking to engage and create  authentic connections. The Breaking Through! program offers a creative pathway for those in  the bleeding disorder community to become more connected, confident, and engaged in their  own self-care and therapeutic regimen, as well as to enjoy a richer and more flourishing life.” 

“BioMarin is proud to continue our support of the Breaking Through! program in our mission to  lift the voice of the hemophilia community,” said Chuck Bucklar, Senior Vice President,  Commercial Operations North America at BioMarin. “At BioMarin, we are inspired by a  hemophilia community with huge aspirations and driven to deliver on the ingenuity of gene  therapy clinical research and exploration.” 

Adults aged 18 and older in the U.S. living with hemophilia, who are carriers of hemophilia, who  have von Willebrand disease, who have another rare factor deficiency, or who have a sibling  living with a bleeding disorder are invited to apply now through 11:59 pm PT on Saturday, May  21, 2022. To learn more visit  

About Hemophilia A 

Hemophilia A, also called factor VIII deficiency or hemophilia, is an X-linked genetic disorder  caused by missing or defective factor VIII, a clotting protein. Although it is most-commonly  passed down from parents to children, about 1/3 of cases are caused by a spontaneous  mutation, a new mutation that was not inherited. Approximately 1 in 10,000 people have  Hemophilia A. 

People with the most severe form of hemophilia A often experience painful, spontaneous bleeds  into their muscles or joints. Individuals with severe hemophilia A (FVIII levels <1%) make up  approximately 45 to 50 percent of the hemophilia A population. People with hemophilia A with  moderate (FVIII 1–5%) or mild (FVIII 5–40%) disease show a much-reduced propensity to  bleed. The standard of care for adults with severe hemophilia A is a prophylactic regimen of  replacement factor VIII infusions administered intravenously up to two to three times per week,  or 100 to 150 infusions per year. Despite these regimens, many people continue to experience  breakthrough bleeds, resulting in progressive and debilitating joint damage, which can have a  major impact on their quality of life. 

About Believe Limited 

Believe Limited is an award-winning boutique agency focused on creating educational,  inspirational and deeply impactful digital content, live events, podcasts, feature films, and more  for rare disease communities, with a deeply-rooted focus in hemophilia and bleeding disorders.  Our work has been honored by the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF), Hemophilia  Federation of America (HFA) and the WEBBYs. To learn more about our content and  programming, please visit

About the Foundation for Art & Healing 

The Foundation for Art & Healing (FAH) is a nonprofit, mission-driven organization that uses  creative expression and the arts to address some of the most urgent public health issues  today. Rooted in medicine and science, FAH develops high impact, scalable programs that  address the physical and mental health challenges of diverse populations including individuals  with chronic health conditions, veterans, front-line healthcare workers, employees, older adults,  and college students. Its national, regional, and community-based partnerships enable effective  program delivery and amplify the powerful effect of using creativity and the arts to connect and  heal. FAH created Project UnLonely to focus public awareness on the negative physical and  mental health consequences of loneliness, and to develop and broaden the use of effective arts based programming. The UnLonely Film Festival curates and delivers films centered on  loneliness through its streaming platform as an engaging storytelling tool that fosters authentic  conversations and connection. 


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