Exit 12

After two tours in Iraq, US Marine, Roman Baca turned to dance to help him cope with depression, anxiety, and anger issues associated with his experience in the Marines. With the support of his wife, Roman founded the company EXIT 12 to help other veterans physically express their stories about the effects of war.

Consider This

Talking with others about a shared arts experience can enrich our perspectives. Watch this video to explore the film’s meaning and major themes a bit more.

Meet the Filmmaker

Mohammad Gorjestani was born in Tehran, Iran and immigrated to the United States during the Iran-Iraq War. As a filmmaker, he mines the resilient narratives of marginalized characters and communities across both narrative and documentary projects. In 2014, his near-future drama, “Refuge” screened at the Tribeca and SXSW Film Festivals and earned him a place on Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film in 2014. He has earned 9 Vimeo Staff Picks has been featured by outlets including CNN, The Guardian, and The Atlantic. In 2018, his film “Sister Hearts” earned the Tribeca X Award, a Silver Clio Award for Directing, and was nominated for a Cinema Eye Honor. In 2019, his film “Exit 12”, won the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary Shorts at SXSW. He is a 2x KRF Filmmaking grant recipient from SFFilm (formerly The San Francisco Film Society) and is currently developing his first feature project. He is based in San Francisco where he is also a co-founder of Even/Odd, a cultural creative studio and production company.

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How does the film change your perspective on what addiction can look like? When nothing outwardly seems wrong, how can we check-in with friends and family to make sure they’re coping and have someone to confide in?

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow, very good! A bit emotional to watch for me

  2. Anonymous

    Very powerful well worth watching.

  3. Anonymous

    Troubling to know the trauma the occurs in our soldiers. What an incredible outlet for these returning military.

  4. Saoudy

    The music is amazing.This movie can be summarized as life wants to live. Going to war is no like going on .a picnic.I am happy they use.d dancing to clear their minds

  5. Anonymous

    It is a series of stupid, senseless wars waged by unethical politicians together with our sheep-like support that has put us in this position. We must stop doing this to our people.

  6. Anonymous

    great film


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