UnLonely Film Festival 6

Everything’s Fine: A Panic Attack in D Major

A musical comedy about a young woman at the onset of her “quarter life crisis,” following her existential journey though the various stages of anxiety in song.

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What is their why?

I don’t understand why we go through a “quarter-life crisis.” It’s not a thing. It’s not like getting your license, or turning 21. You don’t prepare for it. Our parents never went through it—they were married with a mortgage by 25. So why does everyone in my generation (myself included) freak out at the idea of becoming an adult? Are we truly that unprepared for the real world? Or is it all in our heads? I think there’s something hilarious about this notion, and its relation to anxiety. We stress and stress and procrastinate having to deal with these responsibilities, and that gets bottled up in the form of paralyzing anxiety: we’ll watch Netflix, eat comfort food, and pray that it will all just go away. Well it does, until that bottle overflows. I feel like music, especially musical comedy, was the right vehicle to share what that feels like with others. “

Zack Morrison is a comedy writer and filmmaker from New Jersey. His work includes writing and directing the student Emmy-winning short musical, “Everything’s Fine: A Panic Attack in D Major;” and his half-hour comedy pilot, “Canusa Street,” has placed on several national screenplay competition short lists in 2020 and 2021. Some of Zack’s other projects include writing and directing musical comedy sketches for Buzzfeed, producing and hosting the crowd-sourced variety show project, “We Have A Show,” and producing and hosting the docu-travel series “Space Tourists” for Space Channel. Most recently, Zack was the script coordinator on the upcoming “Kids Tonight Show” spinoff on Peacock, and he was previously a writers’ assistant at “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” and a writer’ PA at “Saturday Night Live” and “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” Zack has a MFA degree in Television Writing from Columbia University, and is a proud Rutgers University alumnus.


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