Date: October 19, 2023
All-day event
Location: Waterville, ME

GrowSmart Maine 2023 Annual Summit

Thursday, October 19, 2023

We all need connection to other people. The recent public health crisis and our growing divisiveness have made it harder to support and maintain these connections. But it is possible to create buildings, communities, and transportation systems that make connections easier.  

GrowSmart Maine invites you to come share strategies and inspire actions that support human connection for your community and to Maine.

The Venue. Join GrowSmart Maine in Waterville, ME, their host community for the next three years. The Summit will be held at the beautiful Waterville Opera House and in the adjacent Paul J. Schupf Art Center. Local walking tours and the location of the post-Summit reception will be announced soon.

Keynote speaker, Jeremy Nobel, M.D., MPH, is the founder and president of The Foundation for Art & Healing, whose signature initiative, Project UnLonely, addressing the personal and public health challenges of loneliness and social isolation, has gained national visibility. Nobel is a primary-care physician, public health practitioner, and award-winning poet with faculty appointments at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Harvard Medical School.

Each Summit registrant will receive a copy of Nobel’s book, author of Project UnLonely: Healing Our Crisis of Disconnection.

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