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Drawings from my Grandchildren

About the FIlmmaker

Ji Lee was born in Seoul, Korea, raised in São Paulo, Brazil and lives in New York. Ji is a creative director at Facebook and formerly a creative director at Google. Ji’s work has appeared in The New York Times, The Guardian, Time Magazine, Veja, Fantástico, among others. Ji is known for his personal projects such as the Bubble Project, Word as Image and Drawings for My Grandchildren. Ji is an advocate of the transformative power of personal projects and has spoken at numerous venues including MIT, Harvard, Columbia, MoMA and Guggenheim. Ji is the author of three books. @JILEECIOUS / PLEASEENJOY.COM

Dive Even Deeper

  • Take a moment to draw a picture for someone you care about, who is living far away from you. Try to capture within the picture some aspect of your current life–a dream, a vista, a meal, etc. Now send it to the person via snail mail or take a photo of the drawing and text/email it to them. Challenge them to send a drawing back.



  1. Lily

    Great story of finding a way to keep grandparents in their grandchildren’s lives. Love how the father had to feel and see the benefit before he agreed to learn Instagram. We need to keep people’s interest in mind when trying to do good for them.

  2. Anonymous

    That was so awesome! I loved your story!

  3. Anna

    So inspiring. Purpose is everything.

  4. Asei Tendle

    Beautiful drawings this is a great idea

  5. Anonymous

    I loved this story! and the drawings were awesome.

  6. Anonymous

    I love this story, I thought it was a great idea and very cute since I have kids of my own.

  7. Anonymous

    Such a wonderful legacy for the family.

  8. Anonymous

    It was a nice way of connecting globally in the comfort of your home.


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