UnLonely Film Festival 5


A woman and man in their early sixties try to overcome loneliness on a second date.

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Consider This

Talking with others about a shared arts experience can enrich our perspectives. Watch this video to explore the film’s meaning and major themes a bit more.

Meet the Filmmaker

What is their why?

“I wanted to explore the lengths that a person will go to when they are lonely. It is such a powerful emotion and the main character of this film pushes out of her own comfort zone to overcome this feeling.”

Meredith Hama-Brown’s work as a director has taken part in various international film festivals including: Palm Springs Shortfest, Shnit, Fantastic Fest, and Fantasia International Film Festival. 

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What have been the most successful ways you’ve put yourself out there to meet others – romantically or platonically?  What advice can you share with Sandra?

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  1. Nancy

    As a woman in her late 60’s, I am actually offended by this film in some ways. At the same time, some people may relate to this…. sadly. I have been divorced for over 35 years, and am not lonely perse – but somewhat concerned about aging in this society. I do not have an interest in looking for a man for company in relation to loneliness. The film maker is young -not sure of what her life experience is to lend to this topic. Life is just as full as we choose it to be, and that is true at any age. I will admit that I have done a lot of personal growth, therapy, and other life enhancement activities that allow me to be where I am at this point. And I do understand the premise of the film. Just would not want women or men who are in their 60’s to feel this would be a normal response to life at this point if they are not coupled.

  2. Maren MH

    As a young woman I am similarly offended, Nancy! This film and the “Consider This” video both offer a very sexist lens for us to view an undesirable dating situation. The film revolves around what the man presents: HIS changing of their established dinner date plans; HIS desire to break into a bowling alley as a “surprise” veiled in an attempt to show off his skills or control the narrative of the date; HIS re-naming of her to a nickname “Sandy,” based on an unlikeable personal association with her full name; HIS ignorance of her physical needs such as hunger or fear of an unknown situation (with a person with which she’s presumably spent little time). They obviously don’t have a romantic connection but why do we need to extrapolate that loneliness is forcing her to continue? How about our patriarchal society with its antiquated view of dating and social norms? And how as the viewers should we consider or ignore his loneliness?
    I find this a very odd and disappointing choice for the Unlonely Project.
    p.s. No one savors breathing in the “smell” of carnations like that…lol!

    • Foundation for Art & Healing

      Maren, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about this film. We welcome different perspectives, and appreciate hearing yours. We see this film as a way to explore the inherent risk – emotional and otherwise – in stepping out of one’s comfort zone to find connection, an experience which we imagine may be relatable for many viewers. We recognize that the film’s plot is carried in part by elements of sexism, but the inclusion of such a film is by no means an endorsement of the male character’s actions, or of sexist behavior or language. Rather, we see this film – and others that explore tough issues – as a way to shed light on some of the darker aspects of the human experience. While many of our films are uplifting, some, like this one, present more challenging themes, but we hope that they serve as a tool to raise awareness and inspire conversation about important issues. Thank you again for taking the time to reach out and participate in the conversation.


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