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What’s your last memory of pre-pandemic ‘normalcy’?  

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Please share what you remember doing and what was important to you on the eve of everything changing.

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My dad was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer December 2019.  We had planned a trip of a lifetime up North ice fishing for March 2020.  This was a trip I would not miss with my dad, son, and husband.  As we traveled North in his 1991 Buick Roadmaster station wagon, we were filled with excitement and adventure.  Over the course of that one week vacation, we literally watched the nation shut down around us....including the resort we were in.  As we traveled South heading home at the end of the week, I watched the Hawaiian hula girl dancing on my dad's dashboard and thought to myself how eerily empty the roads were and how quickly life had changed.

Baudette Trip with Dad 2020



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