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Unexpected Missing  

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Who's the person you miss that you didn't expect you would? Why do you miss them? Do you think of them differently now?

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I think that the people whom I miss the most would be my middle school students. I just got the job in Jan and was just getting to know them when this came. I miss them because they were the other half of me: the teacher. Now all my time is as a mom but I miss the job, the classroom and, especially, the kids


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The person that I miss the most that I did not expect to is my first dog, Ace, who is now passed away. I miss him because we were best friends. I did not expect to miss him this much because I have just gotten used to him not being here and I thought I had gotten all my sad emotions out when he died, but now since the majority of the time I am inside the house I can only think  of how we would've been spending time together. Now I have a new dog but I still miss Ace. I  still  think of him the same way as when he was alive and even with a new dog.


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