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Describe a public place where you felt a sense of community. What was the place? What was the community? Is there a way to replicate that with social distancing?

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I used to host small group Meetups for conversations on open-ended questions.  One attendee became a good friend because he attended every Meetup - he said he didn't go to church so our meetups gave him a sense of community.

I am adapting this concept to quarantine by launching a new virtual Meetup.  We discuss open-ended questions to get to know each other.  I just hosted a great discussion on career paths - what did you want to be when you grew up and how did things work out?

The cool thing about Zoom chat Meetups is that anyone can join from anywhere in the world - no geographic boundaries.  This Thursday, July 2, we will discuss a great movie from the Unlonely Film Festival - "Dial a Ride."  The question to discuss will be "Where do you find community?"  The seniors in the film find community in their bus rides - community comes in many forms. 🙂

I'm posting the Meetup in case anyone would like to attend.


Thanks to the Unlonely Project for your efforts.  I've been volunteering to build community and alleviate loneliness for 10 years.  I'm very glad to have discovered this resource.

Lisa C.


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