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Post a picture you took while physical distancing  

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Post a picture you’re proud of that you took while physical distancing. This can be a photo you took on a walk, it could be of yourself, or simply the bed you’ve been sleeping in. What do you like about this picture? What does this picture remind you of?

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I like this picture because I was seriously IN THIS MOMENT - having fun - not trying to be perfect - and I was doing something creative ---> painting. Did I create a masterpiece? Hell no. But I did have a good time:) 

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I was proud of myself for going out really early in the morning for a 15-mile bike ride.

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I chose this picture because I used to really enjoy doing black and white film photography and haven't done it in years. Although I took this n my phone on a bike ride, I am proud that I used the same "eye" that I used when I was dabbling in B&W photography.


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