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Connect with Gratitude  

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Evoke feelings of connection and gratitude by creating a gratitude bubble map. Think of someone in your life for whom you are grateful. Write the word “Thank You” or “Grateful” in the center of a blank paper or card. Draw a circle around it. Next, think about the reasons why you are grateful and add four to six lines radiating from the center bubble. Attach smaller circles to the ends of these lines. In the surrounding bubbles, add details about the person or object for which you feel gratitude. Add additional lines and more circles radiating from those as additional details or ideas form. Add color and patterns to the bubbles or background. Take a minute to reflect on what you’ve made and allow yourself to feel the gratitude even more deeply. If you like, snap a photo of what you’ve created and share it.

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Recently reconnected with a good old friend.

Thank You


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Too personal to share picture but helps me understand what I'm looking for in the people in my life.

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 This is just a starter mind map. I am grateful for this exercise because it is a good reminder of all that we do have. So easy these days to get caught up in pandemic tragedy and uncertainty, this exercise offered respite. 

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 😍 Grateful for the opportunity to just be quiet and reflect purposefully.

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