Can Art be Medicine?

Whether through expressive writing, music, movement or visual media, all the arts are able to change people’s perspectives, moods, relationships and overall health. We’re working to broaden awareness of the power of creative expression to discover, explore, and share what is most important to us as individuals as we connect with others.

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  1. Margaret Rose Allen Anciola

    Always. Lovely lovely powerful film.
    I’ve been working in Arts in Healing since I was about 19….that was five and a half decades ago!!! THANK-YOU.

    • Rebecca Blaine

      I love this. Fantastic recovery through art. Seems by some so undervalued as a method of release, yet so empowering to those who find their release through it.

  2. Annie Arthur

    Creative Spark Heals The Dark… <3 🙂

    • Mar


    • Karen Adler

      Such a lovely phrase. Can I use it?

  3. Elaine Maly

    This gave me shivers. Thank you.

  4. Christine

    Encouraging and important – thank you!!

  5. Margaret Allen

    Thanks again for this!

  6. Margaret Allen

    Many Thanks again for this!

  7. Margaret Allen

    Well, I want to say again Many Thanks for this! MAR

    • Anonymous

      Just taking time to listen — to the sparrows and the willows in the wind. Just taking time to see — Joaquin Sorolla and all his colors. Just taking time — from all that seems so hard to understand. Does it all matter, what we think the world says it “matters”? The musician is the Instrument. The artist is the Art. The poet is the Poetry. Know this, and there is a beginning. Hope you are keeping well, Mar, and are continuing to be a light to others through your Art and Writing — your gift to others to know and understand more about themselves. Victor (in Queens Bay, B.C., Canada)

  8. Elisa Marquis

    Thanks Foundation of Art and Healing for opening up safe options/channels for healing.
    My husband’s deployments, and providing support to Military Families, Service Members, and the families of the Fallen has been a long learning experience. When my husband came back from deployment; passing by a Gallery in Ft. Worth, TX; Rome Millan was finishing a large size canvas, a serene Beach oil painting, he invited a child that was visiting the gallery with his Father, that child follow the directions on how to do a few strokes on that painting, and then sign the back of the paint with his name, next to Rome’s. I asked Rome if he had painting classes; he said yes, and gave me the class information.
    My husband told me I deserved to have a way to decompress, so I attended five painting classes.
    We would arrive, grab a hat from his traveling around the world hat collection, and play Beattles songs for two hours. Every class was filled with positive energy, a place to relax, and we had the opportunity to accomplish something very special, and see our masterpieces before leaving after class. I am so thankful to Rome (rest in peace), some time later, I asked my husband if I could buy some easels, paint and paint brushes to share with Military Families how they could release the stress, in a safe environment; I have been facilitating painting sessions for Military Survivor Families. I know first hand that my feelings are expressed without the fear of being judged or analyzed, and have seen in those paintings what no words are able to express.

  9. Tonia Kaufman

    I could not live without creating some form of art and expressing myself creatively EVERY day ! Whether it be through music and song, dance, poetry, drawing pictures, spontaneous and intuitive colouring, creating beautiful food creations, constructing things, taking photos, writing stories, making jewellery, marionettes… or whatever. I create in order to heal and love and ground myself, and to give myself a focus. And then I need to share what I create with the world.


    Wonderful video. Well done 👍

  10. ss@ds


  11. Rachel W.

    There is no question that the arts are healing…those who can’t speak due to trauma can tell volumes via movement or art therapy. As someone who can speak, i get to an entirely differently level of rawness of my trauma ad depression via art.

    The use of FDA approved treatments of psychedelics also bring forward the arts…or at least for me. What I experience during treatment has a great deal to do with imagery, colors, sound.

    I can get very involved with making a piece of art or watching a dance/music performance… my mind may stop racing and will focus on the forms of art taking place. This may not be the case for the entire performance but a 5 minute break mentally can be a lifetime.



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