About the Foundation

Our History and Mission

idee fumantiIn recent years there has been increased interest in the relationship between art and healing in the medical world. More than three hundred professional organizations are researching, documenting, and systematizing how engagement with the creative processes impacts the development of disease and the likelihood of recovery.

There has been a similar focus within the arts community. Often based on their personal experience with illness, painters, dancers, sculptors, writers, and arts educators have also realized the power of the creative process to heal body and mind. The ability to cope with an illness emotionally and spiritually has been demonstrated time and again to have significant impact on the results of treatment.

Unfortunately, most patients are often left on their own to develop these coping skills. Since health is a fundamental personal and social asset, it is essential that outreach and support programs devoted to healing, or the restoration and maintenance of good health, be more fully integrated into the fabric of the community. Yet, there are very few programs organized and delivered through community centers, schools, faith-based spiritual centers, and similar non-health care related entities.

Between the three groups — the medical world positing and testing hypotheses, artists studying the human condition and the local community providing outreach — the wish to collaborate is clear. The Foundation for Art and Healing (FAH) will bridge the gap to synthesize the medical and humanistic perspective of the healing process and transport it into community settings.

The mission of the Foundation for Art & Healing is to use its position as a “bridge” to create and expand general awareness about art and healing, to bring forward through research and related explorations critical knowledge about art and healing and the relationship between them, and to help make this knowledge available at the individual and community level.